Rinse Fm Radio Show

In partnership with internationally renowned radio station Rinse Fm, Our Yard Founder Nate Coltrane explores Caribbean culture with conversations from Key figures through the dacades.

Don Letts In Conversation For Our Yard x Rinse Fm : DIY CULTURE

We cover his dads sound system, experiences as a yout, how he found his way in to the fashion scene through Acme Attractions, DIY Culture, influencing his peers by introducing dub reggae to the table and his progression as a director and producer while selecting some tunes of the times.

Rinse Fm x Our Yard - Nate Coltrane - Chapter One : Foundations Show

For this first Our Yard show Nate Coltrane looks at the music which created the foundation for years to come as the Windrush Generation settled in the UK. Digging through some classic Ska, Rocksteady, Dub & Reggae from legendary lables such as Studio One, Treasure Island & Trojan Records to name a few.

About Us

Our Yard is a project brought to you by Mimm Studios, a Black Led creative studio exploring heritage, history and music through the lens of Caribbean Culture.

Look out for up and coming interviews as we take a journey through the chronological story of Sound System Culture from the 1960's to present day along side clothing drops, events and film screenings.